Have you ever heard of an 'Aromatic Garden'?
At Agriturismo Ai Massi, we have created a place of peace, flowers and scents.

When you arrive at the hotel, you will certainly notice that the reception area is surrounded by flowers and medicinal plants.

Well, behind it, right in front of the farmhouse, we have created a small flower and aromatic garden.

You can access it without any problem at any time, you will find yourself surrounded by lavender, dog roses, sage, rosemary, St. John’s Wort, helichrysum… and many more!

Each of these aromatics has been carefully chosen and cared for, to the point that we decided to select some of them to create our wonderful Gin!

The Aromatic Garden is a place of peace, the period of greatest blossoming can be experienced in March, April, May and June.

Each period will offer different types of plants and herbs, each with their typical scent.

Surrounded by plants and flowers, you will easily spot the wooden bench and seats created from old tree trunks.

Approach the bench, sit down and allow yourself to be enchanted by the small world that ‘buzzes’ around you and immerses you completely in nature.

Advice? Bring a book and try reading it in our aromatic garden, you won’t regret it!

It doesn’t end here! Are you preparing lunch or dinner and want to try adding flavour with an aromatic herb?

You can come to the garden and choose: sage for a vegetable soup, rosemary for your outdoor barbecue, lavender for desserts and much more!

After cooking everything, a drizzle of our own High Quality Olive Oil and the holiday meal is ready!

A final treat: the bitter orange!

Don’t forget to ask in Reception how to go and see it, because that orange is very special to us: it will become part of our Gin
Organic and floral!

It may not always be full of oranges as in the picture, but it is certainly a very important tree.

Experience a unique immersion in nature!